Parish Adminstration

Proistamenos : The Rev Father Andrew D. Cadieux
Chantor : Andrew Pappas
Choir Director : Marcelle Wheeler
Organist : Spyro Kalas

Saint John's Parish Council

Executive Board
President : Leo Hadzigeorgiou

Vice-President : John Kouimanis

Treasurer : Louis Ectoras

Assistant Treasurer : Elaine Katsikas

Secretary : Mike Boufis

Board Members
Andrew Kalos, Peter Kalos, Danny Mina, Helen Kohilakis, Nick Mokkas, Christine Pappas, Alex Wilson, Linda Rossis, Manny Felouzis, George Dimou

Greek School 2016-2017

Our Faith

Special Services
At the center of the life of the Church is the Holy Eucharist, which is the principal celebration of our faith and the means through which we participate in the very life of the Holy Trinity. Learn more»